An Introduction To Google Keep

Posted on June 5, 2015
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Above is a short 2 minute video of a productivity tool called Google Keep.

Google Keep is free, and is available as a chrome extension for the desktop, and Android.

Consider Google Keep as a smart todo list, note taking, and sticky note tool.

Watch the video for a quick overview.

3 fantastic features to take advantage of :-

  1. Set a reminder based on location, obviously linked to the mobile Apps but when you are out and about you can be reminded based on where you are. Ideal if you visit clients and suppliers. You can also set reminders based on a calendar.

  2. You can add voice recordings to a note. And those voice recordings are transcribed and added to the note. You can also add an image and Keep will OCR any text within the image.

  3. You can share notes with your coworkers, friends or family.

 Google Keep has been around since March 2013 and the last update was November 2014. What OCM would like to see is tighter integration between the reminder functionality and Google Calendar, Google Keep replace tasks in Calendar and a way of archiving that is linked to Google Drive that is searchable.


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