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Posted on February 5, 2015
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Last night was Apples Spring Forward Event.

We have provided a link to a video of the event which is 90 minutes long.

Apple announced a number of new products.

The event will catch headlines for the release of the Iwatch which will hit retail towards the end of April. Prices start at £299 and go up to £8000 for a solid gold version. 

You will be able to make and receive calls, use Apple Pay ( when it comes to the UK ), use fitness and health features and much more. Battery life is said to be 18 hours.

In the long term, the biggest feature is called ¨ Research Kit ¨ which is an open platform for medical research and Apps. Apple used examples of hand tremors being picked up as a possible Parkinsons diagnosis. Another example is monitoring your voice over time for vocal cord irregularities. Wearable technology is going to revolutionise medical diagnosis and treatment delivery.

Apple also introduced a new Macbook with a retina display, the thinnest and lightest ever starting at £1099. A refresh of the existing macbook line was also announced along with a a price drop and refresh of Apple TV.

IOS is getting a bump to 8.2.

700 million Iphones have now been shipped v 1.3 billion android devices. 700,000 Android wear watches have shipped and the Iwatch should easily surpasse this. 2015 will always be viewed as the year wearables went main stream.  

Strangely, and almost under the radar Android 5.1 was also released yesterday.

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