Hacking The House

Posted on August 18, 2014
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This post has been inspired by an article that has appeared on the BBC news website entitled ¨How to Hack and Crack the Connected Home"

The BBC website is phenomenal in its depth and is a brilliant source of information. 

But the technology coverage is sometimes ,  just weird. 

The article, quite rightly highlights that domestic appliances and devices within the home,  that are connected to the internet,  require IT security. Without the right security , it is possible for Hackers to access these devices, the data they contain and sometimes lock the user out of their own equipment.

The ¨ Internet of Things ¨ is coming and with that the opportunities for criminals mutiply. 

It does not help that the majority of manufacturers of such connected devices,  simply , believe that a password and user name is enough. Mandatory changes to default setting are required, as is clear methods of updating firmware and software to deal with known and new security bugs.

Whats ¨ weird " about the article is that it makes no effort to examine the why ?

Why would a hacker want to access your fridge ? thermostat or light bulb ? 

Todays hackers are sophisicated and they will know what the device is before they try and access it. What the article skims over is that all these devices offer criminals a point of entry into your home network so they can really access what they are looking for, your Pc , tablet or phone. Or your security/CCTV system.

Access to your bank account, photos and documents, cameras and microphones are what criminals want !

So the next gadget you bring into your home should be considered an internet threat !  Our advice is read the reviews online  and if possible product forums before  you spend your money. And the next time your visitor wants to connect to your home wifi, ask yourself, why ?