I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work! - Thomas Edison

Posted on September 12, 2014
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This quote sums up OCM´s journey through the world of websites.

During our history, OCM has had 7 websites including this one.  Previous sites have never satisfactorily reflected what OCM stood for, how we work with our clients and the benefits we offer.

For almost a year we have been thinking about, discussing, obtaining expert advice and developing this new site.

And what a journey it has been!  Design, content, CMS, HTML5,  layout, audience,  demographics, SEO, calls to action, touchpoints, customer journey, analytics, competitor analysis, A/B testing, testimonials, ecommerce, mobile websites, payment gateways, video, graphics, infographics, landing pages, campaigns, social media and of course, marketing.

The most important lessons learnt?

  • There is no such ¨ thing ¨ as a completed website project. The website will change tomorrow and continue evolving every day, week and month of our existence.  It has too! Otherwise how can it meet our expectations and your requirements?  Technology and the web changes everyday and so do you!
  • You, the audience, are in charge. If you cannot find what you are looking for, its our fault, not yours and we promise to listen.
  • Copy is dead!  You do not have the time to read page after page of text. All the research shows that information is absorbed more effectively from videos and infographics and diagrams.
  • Its our job to reach out to you, not the otherway around. So we have our newsletters and are active across Google+, Twitter and Facebook. We have the forums so you can test us out :-) and look out for our events as well.

So if your reading this, thank you for visiting.  Please get in contact, it would be great to meet you.

Kind regards,

The Team at OCM