Lenovo and Superfish - What You Need To Know

Posted on February 23, 2015
Archive : February 2015
Category : OCM News

Lenevo are the largest PC/notebook manufacturer in the world and yet they have seriously let their customers down.

Anybody who has purchased a Lenovo notebook since September 2014 needs to act now.

Until January 2015, Lenevo was deliberately installing a program callled Superfish onto their machines. This program created an advertising platform for Superfish to hijack the machines and push adverts to the user. Lenevo says that the service was discontinued in January 2015 following user complaints.

However, the situation is worse because there are known expolits of Superfish making all the affected notebooks insecure.

Lenovo has now issued an emergency patch to remove the program which can be found here.

Anybody affected should apply the patch asap.