The New Apple IPhone 6 Definitely Does Not Charge In The Microwave

Posted on September 28, 2014
Archive : September 2014
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It would be inapproriate to come to the end of September and not mention the new Apple IPhone 6  and IPhone 6 Plus.

Having shifted 10,000,000 units in the 1st weekend after its launch, the Iphone is proving to be as popular as ever.

The Iphone when fully implemented could be the breakthrough device that brings common NFC use to the UK.

NFC has been around for a while and is built into some creditcards already and allows for payment just by waving your card in front of a terminal. 

NFC in a phone builds on this and allows you to creat a digital wallet so you can make payments using your phone from mutiple cards. 

Android has had this feature for years through Google Wallet in the US and now Apple are joining in. Unfortunately Google wallet is not avaialble in the UK and  Apple pay  is not avaialble to the UK yet with a supposed launch in the UK at some point in 2015. Google said the same thing about its launch in 2013 so don´t hold your breath. 

NFC payments will happen, and become common place so watch this space.

As Apple pay is missing, the Apple fitness Apps are missing, rumours of bent IPhone6´s persist and the reviews show no improvement in battery life, OCM´s advice is to wait, let the early adopters pay the premium prices and if you really want the new IPhone you will get the best deals after Christmas.

And as the video shows, the new IPhone does NOT charge in the microwave!