Don’t Panic! - We’ll Fix IT

Take Control

Technology holding you up? We offer immediate IT support.

Buy a Fix IT session and we’ll get on the case right away, with a call back from one of OCM’s experienced helpdesk team within the hour. No time wasted - just long enough for you to whip up a brew. As soon as we have spoken to you about the issue, we’ll get down to business solving it using remote IT support.

No fuss. Fix IT now.

Quick Fix

Don’t let an IT issue slow you down. With a few clicks and one fixed-price payment, your IT problem will be in the capable hands of our expert IT engineers. 

Choose the quality quick fix. A budget-friendly solution for freelancers and small businesses, with the assurance of a dedicated IT support team. 

When the pressure is on, rely on OCM’s immediate IT support. We’ll Fix IT in 1 hour or your money back!

Expert Advice

Fix IT is a pioneering new IT solution, providing 1 hour of instant IT support. Benefit from an experienced and established IT support team, without a contract or financial commitment. 

Make a one-off payment of £35 and watch us work our magic. Our helpdesk team and IT engineers relish a challenge. In fact, if we can’t Fix IT within an hour, we’ll give you a refund. 

IT is our business. Fix IT and get back to building yours.