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OCM partners with Datto who are a leading provider of data protection and business continuity solutions.

Datto Partner

OCM specialise in protecting critical data and systems for ) and small to medium-sized businesses and organisations, offering comprehensive backup, recovery and  file protection.


 Datto's core strength lies in its ability to minimise downtime and ensure business continuity in the face of data loss, outages, or cyberattacks.


Our range of solutions includes image-based backups, cloud-to-cloud backups, endpoint protection, file syncing and Microsoft 365 and google Workspace backup.


 With a focus on scalability, simplicity, and reliability, Datto empowers businesses to safeguard their digital assets and maintain operations even during unforeseen disruptions.

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Our Solutions

Our clients are protected by:


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR):

Datto SIRIS: This is Datto's flagship BCDR solution, designed for MSPs to protect and quickly restore servers. It offers reliable, image-based backups, both locally and in the cloud, ensuring business continuity in case of disasters.

Datto ALTO: Similar to SIRIS, ALTO is a BCDR solution tailored for small businesses, providing them with image-based backups and disaster recovery capabilities.

Backup for Microsoft Azure: This solution extends Datto's BCDR capabilities to protect Microsoft Azure workloads, offering cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery.

Endpoint Backup:

Datto Endpoint Backup: Protects Windows servers, virtual machines (VMs), cloud instances, desktops, and laptops from data loss. It offers direct-to-cloud backups and the ability to recover entire systems or individual files.

Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery: Combines endpoint backup with disaster recovery capabilities, allowing businesses to restore entire systems quickly in case of outages.

File Protection and Collaboration: Datto File Protection: Safeguards business-critical files and folders by automatically backing them up to the cloud.

Additional Cloud Services:

Datto SaaS Protection: Backs up and protects critical data from SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


Comprehensive Data Protection: Datto's solutions safeguard critical business data from various threats, including hardware failures, natural disasters, and cyber attacks.

Rapid Recovery: They enable quick recovery of data and systems, minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity. Backed by 24/7 support.

Scalability: Datto's offerings are designed to scale with businesses as their data needs grow.

Simplified Management: The cloud-based nature of many Datto solutions streamlines management and reduces IT overhead.

Don't leave your critical data vulnerable to disasters. Safeguard your business with Datto's proven backup and recovery solutions. Get a free consultation from OCM today and sleep soundly knowing your information is protected.

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