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Protect your business from cyber attacks

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Protect your business with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. In today's digital world, it is more important than ever to have a strong IT security posture. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and they can have a devastating impact on businesses of all sizes.

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Don't let cyberattacks become the downfall of your business. The truth is, hackers actively target smaller businesses, assuming they're easy prey. Investing in cybersecurity isn't just smart – it's essential.

Protect your hard-earned customer data, prevent costly downtime that could ruin your reputation, and gain a competitive edge by demonstrating your commitment to security. Enhance your business's resilience and give clients peace of mind. Invest in cybersecurity today, and secure your tomorrow.

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Our Solutions

Our Cybersecurity solutions include:

Cyber Essentials Certification Body: OCM are accredited by the IASME Consortium to assess and certify companies against the Cyber Essentials scheme.  Our key responsibilities are Assessment: We evaluate a company's cybersecurity practices based on the five technical controls of Cyber Essentials (firewalls, secure configuration, access control, patch management, and malware protection). Certification: We issue Cyber Essentials certificates to organisations that meet the requirements of the scheme.Guidance and Support: We provide guidance and support to businesses throughout the certification process, helping them understand the requirements and implement the necessary controls.

Backup solutions: In today's threat landscape, a robust backup solution is the cornerstone of any effective cybersecurity strategy. Ransomware attacks, hardware failures, or even accidental deletions can cripple your business and lead to devastating data loss. With secure, offsite backups, you gain the power to quickly restore your critical information, minimizing downtime and safeguarding your business's future. Don't risk losing everything you've worked so hard for – invest in reliable backup solutions and ensure your data is always protected.

Disaster recovery solutions: Disaster recovery solutions are your lifeline in the worst-case scenario. Should your systems go down due to a cyberattack, natural disaster, or hardware failure, disaster recovery plans minimize the chaos. They ensure you can rapidly restore operations, get critical systems back online, and maintain business continuity. While backup solutions focus on safeguarding your data, disaster recovery encompasses the broader strategy of restoring functionality – think of it as the roadmap for getting back on your feet when the unexpected happens.


Antivirus SolutionsOCM Communications emphasises the importance of robust antivirus protection in an evolving threat landscape. We offer managed antivirus solutions that provide proactive threat detection, expert monitoring, and centralised management for servers, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Our expertise and partnerships with Avast, Sophos, and Microsoft ensure tailored enterprise-level security, empowering businesses to focus on your operations with peace of mind. 


Managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions: Traditional antivirus solutions are great at catching known threats, but today's sophisticated attacks often slip through the cracks. Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) takes your security to the next level. MDR continuously monitors your endpoints (laptops, servers, etc.) for suspicious activity and behavioral patterns, detecting even the most evasive attacks. It provides real-time visibility and advanced threat hunting capabilities, allowing OCM to respond swiftly to emerging threats before they cause widespread damage. Think of MDR as your digital police force, working alongside your antivirus to provide comprehensive endpoint protection.

Security event & information management (SEIM): SIEM solutions provide a centralised platform for collecting, analysing, and responding to security events from across your entire IT infrastructure. They gather vast amounts of log data from devices, applications, and networks, correlating it in real-time to detect potential threats, suspicious activity, and security breaches. SIEM helps streamline investigations, improve incident response times, and meet compliance requirements. Modern SIEM solutions often include features like threat intelligence feeds and automated response capabilities, enabling businesses to stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats. 


Our Security Operations Center (SOC): acts as your digital defence force. We provide continuous monitoring of your entire IT environment – from on-site servers and individual devices to cloud apps like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. This includes proactive threat detection, swift response to incidents, and vulnerability patching to keep you ahead of attackers.   By partnering with our SOC, you gain peace of mind, knowing skilled experts are protecting your systems 24/7. This lets you focus on growing your business, confident that you have improved compliance, reduced risk, and minimised the cost and disruption of security threats.


Vulnerability testing solutions: Vulnerability testing is a proactive cybersecurity measure that puts your defences to the test. By simulating real-world attack techniques, vulnerability testing identifies weaknesses in your systems, software, and networks before hackers can exploit them. Regular testing helps you prioritize patching, harden your security configurations, and gain valuable insights into your overall security posture. Don't wait for an attack to uncover vulnerabilities – invest in vulnerability testing to stay one step ahead of cyber threats and protect your business.


Secure edge firewalls: Traditional firewalls are a good start, but they're no longer enough to combat today's sophisticated threats. Secure edge firewalls hosted in the cloud take your network protection even further. They combine traditional firewall capabilities with advanced features like intrusion prevention, content filtering, and application control – all delivered as a cloud-based service. This means greater flexibility, scalability, and reduced on-premise infrastructure. Plus, you always have the latest security updates without needing manual management. Upgrade your defenses with a cloud-hosted secure edge firewall for a robust, agile, and cost-effective approach to cybersecurity.


Mobile device management solutions: In today's connected world, mobile devices hold sensitive business data and access critical systems. Mobile device management (MDM) is essential for maintaining a secure IT environment. With MDM solutions, you can enforce strong security policies, control app installations, remotely wipe lost or stolen devices, and protect company information even when it leaves the office. Don't let mobile devices become a security vulnerability – invest in MDM to safeguard your business on-the-go.


Content filtering: empower you to restrict access to websites, applications, and online content deemed inappropriate, harmful, or simply distracting within your work environment.  Protect your network and users with advanced content filtering implementing granular controls helps maintain productivity, reduce legal liability from misuse of company resources, and safeguard your network against malware often concealed within risky sites. Advanced content filtering can analyze specific content within pages or social media feeds, blocking targeted keywords or content types with precision. Filtering also aids compliance efforts by enabling the control of sensitive data flow.


Cyber awareness training: Cyber awareness training is a critical investment in your organisation's security. It empowers your employees, often the first line of defence, to recognise and proactively avoid common cyber threats like phishing emails, malicious links, and unsafe password practices. This training can help your staff understand best practices, threat identification, and data protection rules which cultivates a human firewall, reducing the risk of costly breaches caused by unintentional user actions. Effective cyber awareness programs are engaging and ongoing, equipping employees to safeguard both company data and their own personal information, making security a shared responsibility.


Identity access management (IAM): In a world of countless logins and passwords, identity platforms provide a secure and streamlined solution for managing user identities and access. These platforms centralise user authentication, ensuring only authorised users can access your apps, systems, and data. They offer features like multi-factor authentication, password management, and access controls, greatly reducing password-related risks and enhancing your overall security posture. Simplify and secure your business's digital identity with a robust identity platform.

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions: Single Sign-On (SSO) revolutionises the user experience and offers a key security advantage in today's app-driven work environment. With SSO integrated into your identity platform, users enjoy the convenience of one set of credentials to access all authorised applications and resources. This reduces password fatigue, minimises the risk of stolen logins, and streamlines IT management. SSO empowers your team with seamless access, while bolstering your security posture through centralised authentication and access control.

Stop worrying, start protecting. Discuss your cybersecurity needs – book your free consultation now.

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