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Secure Edge Firewall

Secure Edge Firewalls

Improve Your Security with a Secure Managed Firewall

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A secure edge firewall is a network security solution specifically designed to protect the perimeter of your network, where it connects to the internet or other external networks. It plays a crucial role in defending your organisation against various cyber threats.


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 Businesses are increasingly reliant on their IT systems. These systems store and process sensitive data, such as financial information, customer records, and intellectual property. If these systems are compromised, it can have a devastating impact on your business.


That's why it's so important to have a secure firewall in place. A firewall is a security device and/or cloud service that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. It can help to protect your systems from a variety of threats, including intrusion, viruses, worms, and malware.

​If you're looking for a way to improve your organisation's security, you should consider a secure managed firewall.

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Why are Secure Edge Firewalls Essential?

First Line of Defence: They act as the gatekeeper, filtering out a vast amount of malicious traffic before it ever reaches your internal network.


Protecting Evolving Networks: Today's networks are complex, with cloud services, remote workers, and IoT devices. Secure edge firewalls adapt to these changes.


Compliance: They help meet regulatory requirements like PCI DSS by demonstrating strong perimeter security.


Core Components

Traditional Firewalling: Blocks unauthorised traffic based on rules governing IP addresses, ports, and protocols.


Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Actively analyzes traffic for malicious signatures and patterns, blocking attacks in real time.


VPN Gateway: Provides secure remote access for employees or partners via encrypted VPN tunnels.


Content Filtering: Scans web traffic and blocks access to malicious or inappropriate websites.


Antivirus/Anti-malware: Inspects files entering the network for potential malware infections.

Advanced Capabilities of Secure Edge Firewalls:

Cloud-Based: Many modern secure edge firewalls are cloud  hosted, allowing for centralised management, easy updates, and scalability.


Application Control: Fine-grained control over which applications are allowed on your network, reducing attack surfaces.


Sandboxing: Isolates and analyses suspicious files in a safe environment, preventing zero-day attacks.


Unified Threat Management (UTM): Combines various security features into a single appliance, often simplifying management for smaller organisations.

Enhanced Security at an Affordable Price:

Reduced Risk of Attacks: A secure edge firewall acts as a shield, filtering out malicious traffic, malware, and unauthorised access attempts before they reach your network, protecting valuable data.


Focus on Core Business: With robust security measures, your business can avoid costly downtime, data breaches, and the legal ramifications that follow.


---Cost-Effective Solution: Secure edge firewalls offer comprehensive protection compared to the high cost of recovering from a cyberattack. Many solutions come in tiers, allowing you to choose features that fit your budget.


Easy Maintenance: Automatic updates and cloud-based delivery ensure your firewall stays up-to-date with the latest threat signatures, minimising manual configuration.


Scalability for Growth: Many solutions are scalable, allowing SMEs to add features or capacity as their network evolves and grows over time.

Need powerful security without the IT headaches? Let our experts safeguard your business. Get a free firewall quote now.

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