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OCM have been Google partners for almost 15 years and can licence, deploy and support Google Workspace for Business, Google Workspace for Education and ChromesOS devices such as Chromebooks and ChromeOS Flex.

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Harness the full potential of Google's suite of business tools and technologies with a Google Partner as your strategic guide. We possess in-depth knowledge of Google's ever-evolving ecosystem, allowing us to tailor solutions that streamline operations, and safeguard valuable data.


Our expertise unlocks exclusive insights, early access to updates, and proactive support, ensuring you consistently maximise your ROI from Google's platforms.


Experience the transformative power of seamless integration, data-driven decision-making, and a secure digital landscape when you collaborate with OCM as your Google Partner.

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Our Solutions

As a Google Partner MSP, we empower you to thrive in the digital age with Google's suite of powerful business solutions. Our services and the benefits you'll experience include:

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Expertise:

Seamless Setup & Migration: Efficient rollout of Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, and other tools, minimising downtime.


Customised Solutions: We tailor Google Workspace features to align with your specific workflows and team needs.


User Training & Support: Empowering your team to maximise productivity through comprehensive training and ongoing technical assistance.


We are authourised partners for all versions of Google Workspace and Google Workspace For Education.

Cloud Transformation:

Strategic Guidance: We help you navigate Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for optimised infrastructure, storage, and application deployment.


Cost Optimisation: We analyse usage patterns and recommend solutions to reduce cloud costs and improve ROI.


Security & Compliance: Help you implement Google's robust security features and navigate industry-specific compliance requirements.

ChromeOS Deployment & Management:

Device Configuration: Setting up and managing Chromebooks or other ChromeOS devices for your workforce.


Fleet Management: Centralised control and security policy enforcement across your ChromeOS devices.


Simplified IT: Streamlined management and reduced overhead compared to traditional operating systems.


Microsoft 365: We can succesfully deploy chromebooks within a 365 enviroment increasing security and ROI.

Google Voice Integration:

Business Phone System Setup: Configuring Google Voice for a flexible and cost-effective cloud-based phone solution.


Number Porting: Helping you transfer existing business phone numbers seamlessly to Google Voice.


Call Management & Features: Tailoring call routing, voicemail, advanced analytics, and more to streamline communications.

If you're looking for a partner to help you with your Google Cloud solutions, then you should partner with OCM Communications. We have the expertise, support, and reliability to help you succeed.

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