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security event information management

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM: Your 24/7 Security Watchdog


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SIEM: Centralise, Analyse, and Respond to Security Events

Security Event Monitoring

A SIEM system acts like a massive collection point for security-related data from across your entire IT environment. This includes logs from:

Network devices (firewalls, routers, switches)

Servers (operating system logs, application logs)

Endpoint devices (laptops, desktops)

Cloud applications (login activity, file access, etc.)

Correlation and Analysis: The key to SIEM is that it doesn't just store this data. It uses advanced analytics to find patterns and anomalies that might indicate a security threat in real-time.

Alerting: When the SIEM detects something suspicious (e.g., unusual login activity from a strange location), it generates an alert for your security team to investigate.

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Our Solutions

Why SIEM is Important (especially for SMEs)


Enhanced Threat Detection: SIEM systems excel at identifying subtle attack patterns and suspicious behaviour that often slip past traditional security tools, significantly strengthening your defences.


Reduced Alert Fatigue: Instead of being bombarded with disconnected alerts, SIEM solutions correlate and prioritise events, giving IT teams a clearer picture of the most critical threats.


Improved Incident Response: When a breach does occur, SIEM's centralised log data and analysis speeds up investigation and remediation, minimising damage to your business.


Simplified Compliance: Many compliance frameworks require robust log management and monitoring – SIEM makes this much easier to achieve.


Scalability and Affordability: Cloud-based SIEM solutions let SMEs access enterprise-grade security without hefty upfront costs or the need for specialised in-house expertise.


Peace of Mind: Knowing your systems are being monitored 24/7 by advanced security analytics allows SMEs to focus on running their business, reducing the constant anxiety of cyber risks.

How to Deploy SIEM

Deploying a SIEM solution can be a daunting task for businesses without extensive cybersecurity resources. OCM solve this challenge.


We begin by identifying your most valuable assets and any compliance requirements. Then, carefully select a provider that offers expertise, clear service-level agreements, and aligns with your specific industry threats.


You gain the peace of mind that comes from having 24/7 security experts safeguarding your systems. Clear communication with your OCM ensures seamless collaboration in the event of any security incidents.

We can also provide you with support for your SIEM solution, including:





Security updates


Capacity planning


Performance monitoring​

If you are looking to improve your security posture and implement a SIEM solution, OCM offer a free intial consultation.

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