OCM provide you with the solutions, technical resource, knowledge and expertise to enable you to operate, grow and succeed in this ever changing world.  But we don’t stop there. OCM recognise that sometimes you just want an answer to a question, to bounce ideas off someone or even just get a second opinion. That’s why we have set up our forums.


The forums are designed to  be a simple question and answer environment for anybody to search or ask a question. You do NOT have to  be a client, anybody is free to use the forums. OCM hope that, over time,  the knowledge contained in the forums will develop and grow into a beneficial resource for everybody .


Just to be clear there are no charges for using the forums and are not restricted to just IT issues. OCM have partnered with a number of trusted advisors to cover other areas of business operations such as finance and marketing. The forums operate on the Google Groups platform and will open in a new window.