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Our core service is and always has been IT Support!

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​For the last 17 years, everyday, we have been providing our clients with IT support through our helpdesk and by onsite engineering.

IT Server Engineer

Your IT Partner, Not Just a Provider: Focus on Growth, We'll Handle the Tech

Are you tired of dealing with IT issues that drain your time and resources? Endless updates, confusing security alerts, frustrating downtime – it steals focus from what makes your business thrive.


Imagine a world where your technology simply works, empowering your team to excel.

That's where OCM Communications stands apart. We believe in building long-term partnerships, not just fulfilling contracts. Our team of experts becomes an extension of yours, understanding the unique rhythm of your business. We proactively manage your IT infrastructure, anticipate problems, and speak your language – no confusing tech jargon, just clear solutions.

With OCM as your IT backbone, you gain:

Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing seasoned professionals safeguard your systems and data.

Predictable Costs, Scalable Solutions: Flexible support models that grow with your needs.

Productivity Boost: Let your team shine doing what they do best, while we banish tech headaches.

A True Technology Ally: We're driven by your success, celebrating your wins alongside you.

Ready to ditch tech stress and unleash your business potential? Schedule your free IT consultation with OCM Communications today and discover the difference a true partner makes.

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Our Solutions

Your One-Stop-Shop for Stress-Free IT

Businesses need a reliable IT partner: to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape. That's where OCM Communications excels. We offer a full spectrum of IT support services, tackling common pain points so you can focus on running your business. Here's some of the issues we will remove from your business.


CybersecurityWorries exist because small businesses are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, yet often lack the specialist knowledge to secure their data, systems, and customer trust. OCM becomes your security shield. We implement robust multi-layered defences, from firewalls and encryption to ongoing staff training and risk assessments. Rest assured that your digital assets are safeguarded around the clock.


Productivity Killers: Outdated hardware, glitchy software, and slow connectivity sap employee morale and cost you time and money. OCM optimizes your technology backbone for peak performance. We assess your workflows, streamline systems, and ensure you have the right tools for your team. This translates into faster processes, enhanced collaboration, and an unbeatable competitive edge.


 The Unexpected Crisis: When tech goes haywire, business can grind to a halt. OCM is your rapid-response team. With proactive monitoring, we often catch problems brewing, preventing major disruptions. And should the worst happen, our expert troubleshooting, disaster recovery plans, and clear communication will get you back up and running with minimal downtime – protecting your revenue and reputation.

Outsourcing your IT support to OCM can offer a number of additonal benefits, including:

OCM's proactive approach to IT support saves you money in ways you might not even realise. By preventing downtime, streamlining technology investments, and enhancing security, we reduce the hidden costs of tech troubles. Instead of costly emergency fixes and lost productivity, your IT budget becomes an investment in efficiency. This frees up resources you can reinvest back into your business, fueling growth and giving you a competitive edge.


We transform your technology from a source of frustration into a tool for smooth operations. We analyse your workflows, identify bottlenecks, and recommend solutions that save time and effort. From cloud-based collaboration tools to automated processes, we focus on efficiency at every level. This empowers your team to work smarter, not harder, boosting productivity and improving your bottom line.


OCM understands the unique cybersecurity risks facing small businesses. We go beyond basic antivirus and firewalls, implementing a proactive, multi-layered security approach. This includes regular vulnerability assessments, advanced threat detection, and ongoing employee training to minimize human error. We educate your team, empowering them to become the first line of defence against cyberattacks. With OCM, you can rest assured that your sensitive data, customer information, and reputation are protected.


OCM's mission is to make IT just work. Our proactive monitoring systems and preventative maintenance help us catch potential problems before they cause major disruptions. Should an issue arise, our expert troubleshooting and rapid-response protocols ensure swift resolution. We keep your business running smoothly, minimising lost time, frustration, and safeguarding your revenue stream.


Navigating complex IT compliance regulations (like GDPR, PCI DSS, or industry-specific standards) can be overwhelming for small businesses. OCM brings clarity and peace of mind. We assess your compliance risks, implement necessary safeguards, and provide ongoing management. This protects you from costly fines or reputational damage, so you can focus on running your business with confidence.

OCM offer a free intial consultation on all our support services.

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