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Network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Predictive insights, zero surprises: Network monitoring redefined. 

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Worried about network downtime? Unplug the anxiety, not your business. OCM's proactive network monitoring keeps your digital pulse steady, 24/7. We sniff out glitches before they erupt, optimize performance for seamless data flow, and deliver insights to fuel smarter decisions. So ditch the reactive scramble and embrace proactive peace of mind. Let us watch your network, while you watch your business.

 OCM partner with Domotz to provide you with cutting edge network management to provide unparalled visibility of digital assests and dataflows empowering mission critical knowledge and actionable insights from the network

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Our Solutions

Monitoring your network offers a number of benefits including:

Network discovery and analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the networks structure and components.


Alerts for new devices. Get an alert whenever a new device connects to the network maintaining security and control. 


System uptime on any device/network for management and compliance. Alerts for critical failures.


Automated network documentation saving time , ensuring accuracy and always being upto date.​

Implement your compliance frameworks with real time asset management and full network visability.

Here are just a few of the things that we can do for you:

Resource Utilization Analysis: We pinpoint bottlenecks and underutilized resources, squeezing every ounce of power from your network. 


Data-Driven Decision Making: We translate complex network data into actionable reports that guide your future IT investments and strategies. 


Bandwidth Monitoring & Optimization: Goodbye, buffering nightmares! We ensure smooth data flow for seamless video conferencing, file transfers, and more. 


Provide ongoing support and management of your network. 


Don't settle for a network that slows you down. Partner with OCM and let your business grow with a laf free, productive network.

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