Google Enterprise ¨ The Apps Show ¨ Episode 13. Hangouts on Mobile Devices

Posted on September 19, 2014
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Category : Google Enterprise

Episode 13 of "The Apps Show ¨ carries on the theme of Google Hangouts and this week looks at using Hangouts on mobile devices.

Here at OCm we actually use Hangouts much more on mobile devices tahn desktops. All the engineers have hanouts on their smartphones so its the easiest way to communicate with them when they are in the field. And of course, its free1

The video aspect is also great for sending visuals back to the team and for our clients that already have Google Apps for work we can use hangouts to provide It support by sharing their desktop or by helping to advise where to plug equipment in etc.

Go ahead and view the show and if you would like a free consultation and trial of Google Apps for Work just click here