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Within Your Business, Do you have a Cybersecurity Champion?

Every Business and Organisation Should be Considering Cybersecurity as a Key Component of Operations.

For those that follow OCM's social media ( and if not, why not ? @ocmcomms , Linkedin and Facebook ) you will have seen posts about our attendance at Midlands Cyber's recent event about the Impact of Cyber on sustainability and competiveness in manufacturing supply chains. There were 4 diverse expert speakers from different sectors but ALL had the same key message. Build cybersecurity into your operations from the ground up. Do not treat cybersecurity as a stand alone compliance issue to be reviewed once a year for audit purposes!

a hacked laptop

Why is Cyber Awareness So Important?

The threats are real!

Key Trends from Recent Years:-

  • Attacks on the Rise: The percentage of UK businesses experiencing cyber attacks has been increasing steadily.

  • Small Businesses Vulnerable: Smaller firms are often disproportionately targeted due to perceived weaker defenses.

  • Ransomware Prevalent: Ransomware remains one of the most damaging and costly threats.

  • Phishing Still Works: Phishing emails, often the first step in attacks, remain successful.

  • Supply Chain Risk: Attacks on software/service providers can have ripple effects on their customers.

The National Cyber Security Centre Offers Guidance

The National Cyber Security Centre Offers Guidance to all types of organisations as to the threats that we face.

Last week they posted about the crucial role of a company board in cybersecurity.

Not every business or organisation is large enough to have a board or internal compliance departments.

However, everybody should have at least :-

  • Somebody who has the responsibility of understanding and driving security and safe practices, along with the appropriate authority to action and enforce. A cybersecurity champion!

  • Leadership buy in that enables real delivery of cybersecurity.

  • Every employee should have guidance and training when joining and the organisation and continual training on common threats.

Let OCM Guide You!

Ready to elevate your cybersecurity posture?

A dedicated champion might be the missing piece in your defence strategy. OCM Communications can help. We'll work closely with you to identify the ideal champion within your organisation, provide tailored training, and offer ongoing support. This proactive investment strengthens your business from within.

Contact us today to schedule your free cybersecurity champion consultation and start building a more resilient future.

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