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Mobile Device Management (MDM): The Key to Security in a Mobile-First World And Why You Should Care! IT Might Even Be Free.

Yes free! , well sort of, ish, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is included in the following common Microsoft 365 plans:-

  • Microsoft 365 E5

  • Microsoft 365 E3

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

You can utilise Microsoft Intune included in the above plans to provide MDM. Intune is also available as a standalone product.

If you use Google Workspace then every edition has basic MDM with the management capabilities expanded in the Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise tiers.

Both Microsoft and Google will support Android Devices, IOS devices, Microsoft Windows 10/11 laptops and Chromebooks.

Visualisation of a connected mobile device world

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops aren't just workplace conveniences anymore; they're the backbone of how modern businesses operate. This reliance on mobile devices offers incredible gains in productivity, flexibility, and collaboration for businesses of all sizes. However, the explosion of mobile devices also presents a complex array of security and management challenges.

That's where Mobile Device Management (MDM) becomes an essential tool in the IT arsenal.

Let's dive into what MDM is, why MDM matters, and how it delivers tangible benefits for your business.

Tip #1 - Mobile Device Management Matters!

Protecting your data!

Every mobile device has data within its storage AND access rights to your networks, platforms and cloud providers.

Which devices are most likely to physically be lost or stolen? Mobile devices.

And it is still your legal responability to ensure that your data is not accessible by an unauthourised user when a device is no longer under your control.

You mitigate the risk by deploying MDM.

Image showing mobile devices being stolen

Tip #2 - What is MDM?

In simple terms, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a platform that allows IT administrators to centrally control and secure mobile devices within the organisation. This includes:

  • Company-issued smartphones, tablets, and laptops

  • Employee-owned devices used for work purposes (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device)

MDM gives you a centralised platform from which to:

  • Automate device setup: Install essential apps, configure email, and enforce settings.

  • Enforce strong security: Require complex passwords, enable data encryption, and remotely wipe a device if it's lost or stolen.

  • Monitor for threats: Detect suspicious activity and potential vulnerabilities.

  • Maximise productivity: Block distracting apps, manage updates, and streamline troubleshooting.

  • Ensure compliance: Meet data protection regulations and industry standards.

representing mobile device management control

MDM lets you lock down your mobile devices and keep your data safe, even when those devices leave the office.

Whether you have a handful of company-issued devices or a sprawling BYOD environment, managing them all manually is a recipe for chaos. MDM provides consistency and control:

  1. Ironclad Security Without the IT Headache: MDM lets you enforce strong passwords, remote wipes, and data encryption across all devices. This protects your sensitive data without overburdening your IT team (if you even have one!).

  2. Streamlined Onboarding and Offboarding: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual setup for new employees or device recovery when someone leaves. MDM automates app installation, security configurations, and simplifies the entire device lifecycle.

  3. End Distractions, Boost Productivity: Block distracting apps, manage updates during off-hours, and blacklist websites that drain employee focus. You get a productive, secure mobile workforce.

  4. Compliance Made Easy: MDM helps you meet strict data protection regulations like GDPR. With features like audit trails and remote wiping, you demonstrate a commitment to security, which is increasingly important for client trust.

  5. Cost Savings by Preventing Catastrophe: The costs of a data breach, lost devices, or extended downtime can cripple any business. MDM acts as your preventative shield, minimising the risk of these budget-busting events.

  6. A Competitive Edge: A secure and optimised mobile environment helps you attract top talent and instills confidence in clients. MDM lets your business demonstrate agility and tech-savviness.

a secure mobile phone

Tip #3 - Don't forget the basics of mobile security

  1. Strong Passcode or Biometric Lock: Ditch simple 4-digit PINs. Utilise a complex passcode, pattern, or even better, biometric authentication (fingerprint, facial recognition) when available.

  2. Automatic Screen Lock:  Set a short screen timeout (e.g., 1-2 minutes) to prevent unauthorised access if the device is left unattended.

  3. Encryption: Ensure both data at rest (stored on the device) and data in transit (internet traffic) is encrypted. Most modern devices have this enabled by default, but it's worth double-checking in your settings. Enable a VPN on the device.

  4. OS and App Updates: Install operating system and security patches promptly. These often fix vulnerabilities hackers exploit. Enable automatic updates.

  5. App Permissions: Review what permissions you grant apps – do they really need access to your location, contacts, or camera all the time? Revoke unnecessary permissions.

  6. Trusted App Sources: Stick to official app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store). 3rd-party apps carry a higher risk of malware.

  7. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): For critical accounts like email and banking, enable 2FA which requires an additional code alongside your password.

  8. Do not use the same Pin code to unlock the device and with critical apps such as banking and payment platforms.

  9. Avoid Public Wi-Fi for Sensitive Tasks: Public Wi-Fi can be insecure. If you must use it, avoid online banking, or utilize a VPN for added protection.

  10. Passkeys offer the best security.

bulletproof mobile security

Ready to Embrace MDM?

If you're ready to take control of your mobile environment, partnering with OCM Communications can ensure a seamless implementation and maximum value for your business. Contact us today to discuss your MDM needs, an intial consultation is truly free!


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