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Why Google's Free ChromeOS Flex Solution Should Be On Your Radar!

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 on the 14th October 2025 (unless you start paying a subscription). Windows 11 requires newer and more powerful hardware, and if your PC does not have a TPM 2.0 chip (a security module) already, you cannot upgrade to a supported Windows 11 platform. But ChromeOS Flex could solve your problem!

Picture of ChromeOS Flex Desktop
ChromeOS Flex Desktop

OCM are both Microsoft and Google partners so we have expertise across all your options.

So your options will be:-

If supported:- upgrade you Windows 10 Pc's to Windows 11. The upgrade is free from Microsoft. If you have mutiple eliglble machines you should test first to ensure compatability with all your applications and hardware such as printers.

If unsupported :- buy a new Windows 11 Pc/Pc's and migrate your current configuration, applications and data to the new machines. Again, if this across mutiple machines you should test first to ensure compatability.

If unsupported :- Stay as you are. Budget for an annual subscription per machine from October 2025 if you want to stay upto date with security updates ( you should ! ). How much this will cost is currently unkown. However, Microsoft introduced a similar scheme in 2020 for extended support for Windows 7. The scheme lasted 3 years and in the first year the costs were £47 plus VAT per machine per year. Those costs almost doubled by year 3.

If unsupported :- Keep your existing hardware but install an alternative operating sytem that provides security and continual updates. Our recommendation is ChromeOS Flex from Google and best of all, its free!

So What is Google's ChromeOS Flex?

ChromeOS Flex is like a breath of fresh air for your old laptop or computer! If your device feels sluggish, bogged down by updates, or riddled with security worries, ChromeOS Flex could be the solution. It's essentially a free operating system, designed by Google, that transforms compatible PCs and Macs into super-fast, secure machines– just like Chromebooks.  Forget expensive new hardware; ChromeOS Flex gives a major performance boost to the computer you already own.

Imagine this: instead of waiting forever for your device to start up, it springs to life in seconds. Instead of constantly battling complicated settings and updates, everything is simple and automatic.  ChromeOS Flex also comes with built-in protections against viruses and online threats, giving you peace of mind as you browse, email, and get work done. Best of all, it's a great way to reduce electronic waste by bringing new life to an aging computer destined for the scrap heap!

The advantages of ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex: A Smarter Way to Revitalize Your Computers.If your current device's performance and security give you headaches, consider ChromeOS Flex. This free operating system from Google injects new life into aging PCs and Macs.

Advantages for Users:

  • Blazing Speed: ChromeOS Flex delivers fast boot-ups, rapid app launch times, and smooth web browsing for increased productivity.

  • Streamlined Experience: Say goodbye to confusing settings and constant updates. Enjoy an intuitive, clutter-free workspace focused on efficiency.

  • Robust Security: Automatic updates and integrated security features give you peace of mind while working or browsing online.

Advantages for Small Businesses:

  • Cost Savings: Extend the lifespan of existing hardware with ChromeOS Flex, lowering replacement costs and expanding your IT budget.

  • Centralized Management: Easily manage settings and updates across devices, saving IT resources and simplifying administration.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Promote a greener approach to technology by repurposing older computers instead of adding to e-waste.

Transform your computer experience with ChromeOS Flex. Visit here to learn more and assess compatibility.

What About Microsoft Applications?

ChromeOS Flex offers a streamlined alternative. It transforms compatible PCs and Macs into efficient cloud-centric devices, enhancing your 365 experience.

Advantages for Microsoft 365 Users:

  • Smooth Productivity: Access your essential 365 tools right from the browser. ChromeOS Flex is fast and responsive, even on older devices, giving Word, Excel, Teams, and Outlook applications the snappy performance you expect.

  • PWA Integration: Turn frequently used Microsoft 365 web apps (Outlook, Calendar, etc.) into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This gives them features like dock icons, offline functionality, and a more native app-like feel.

  • Security Built-In: Automatic updates and robust security protect your devices and data while accessing your 365 cloud environment. This reduces worry and potential headaches for IT teams.

  • Streamlined Workstations: Give new life to existing machines as dedicated "365 workhorses". This is great for focused tasks, temporary setups, or remote kiosks.

  • Cost-Effective Scalability: Need temporary devices for project work or new hires? Avoid licensing headaches and deploy easy-to-manage ChromeOS Flex machines with 365 at their core.

Are You Responsible For Your Workplace IT?

ChromeOS Flex prioritizes centralized, cloud-based management,  resulting in significant admin cost savings for businesses. Here's a deeper look:

Google Workspace Integration:

  • Intuitive Interface: The familiar Google Admin Console lets you enforce device settings, security policies, and updates for your ChromeOS Flex fleet quickly.

  • Streamlined Provisioning: Set up new devices rapidly with zero-touch enrollment, enabling swift scaling and deployment for remote workers or new teams.

  • Lower Support Burden: Automatic OS and browser updates, paired with strong security protections, significantly reduce helpdesk tickets and the need for on-site troubleshooting.

Microsoft Intune Integration:

  • Centralized Management: Admins can control ChromeOS Flex devices alongside their Windows fleet using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, creating a more unified system.

  • Application Deployment: Intune lets you push necessary web apps or PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) for Microsoft 365 tools directly to user devices.

  • Granular Security: Implement fine-tuned security policies to protect data and comply with company standards, even on repurposed, older hardware.

Cost Savings for Businesses:

  • Reduced Licensing: Minimise new Windows licenses or expensive device upgrades by opting for ChromeOS Flex on compatible machines.

  • Efficient IT Operation: Less troubleshooting and on-site support frees up IT resources for strategic projects, boosting productivity and lowering overhead.

  • Hardware Upcycling: Convert aging PCs and Macs into usable devices, lowering replacement costs and contributing to more sustainable IT practices.

Overall, ChromeOS Flex makes device management accessible and cost-effective within both Google Workspace and Microsoft Intune environments, delivering peace of mind for IT teams while maximising budgets.

Is ChromeOS Flex The Best Choice for Everyone? Not YET!

Limitations of ChromeOS Flex:-

  • Legacy Software Limitations: If your business still relies on specialized applications that only run locally on Windows or macOS, ChromeOS Flex might not be a suitable replacement. It prioritizes web-based tools and cloud environments.

  • Offline Productivity Limits: While improvements are ongoing, ChromeOS Flex might not be ideal for heavily offline work. Apps with robust offline modes can help, but internet connectivity is still a key factor.

  • Peripheral Compatibility: Not every printer, scanner, or niche hardware device will have drivers or support with ChromeOS Flex. Thorough compatibility checks with crucial peripherals are necessary before widespread adoption.

  • Reduced Functionality: Some advanced Windows or macOS features may have no direct equivalent in ChromeOS Flex. Power users with niche editing, development, or design tools might experience restrictions.

  • Learning Curve: If your staff is deeply ingrained in traditional Windows or macOS, migrating to ChromeOS Flex will require user training and a period of adaptation.

Important Note:  ChromeOS Flex continues to evolve. Some limitations may lessen over time. Be sure to check the official compatibility lists and weigh the downsides carefully against your specific business needs and current applications.

ChromeOS and chromebooks have the additional capabilities of the Android platform built in which may offer versions of applications not supported in ChromeOS flex.

Don't Just Take Our Word

Heres a links to articles that expand on ChromeOS Flex :-

And if you wish you can try ChromeOS flex , for free yourselves .You can try without overwriting any existing operating by booting from a usb stick and below is a useful video on how to do it.

OCM Communications can maximise the benefits of your deployment of ChromeOS Flex.

Ready to streamline your technology, boost device performance, and enhance security? OCM Communications can guide you every step of the way with ChromeOS Flex. Explore whether it's the right fit for your business –  contact us for a free consultation and compatibility assessment. Unlock the benefits of a fast, secure, and cloud-powered computing experience today!

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