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The Microsoft certified Copilot + Pc's have been released. Everything you need to know.

This week saw a major shift in the development of personal computing with the release of the first wave of Copilot+ PCs on 18 June. These cutting-edge devices, a collaboration between Microsoft and leading PC manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung, promise to transform the way we interact with our computers.

Microsoft Copilot Pc reviews

What Makes Copilot+ PCs Special?

Advanced AI Features: Each Copilot+ PC is equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) capable of 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS). This AI powerhouse enables unique features such as local AI photo and video editing, enhanced Windows Studio Effects, real-time live caption translations, and advanced image and text generation capabilities. These features are designed to run locally on the device, ensuring faster processing and enhanced privacy compared to cloud-based solutions.

Enhanced Productivity Tools: With Copilot+ PCs, users can benefit from the integrated Microsoft Copilot, an AI assistant that enhances everyday tasks. From generating natural voice conversations to suggesting contextual edits in applications like Adobe Photoshop, the AI capabilities of these devices promise to transform how you work and create.

Superior Performance: Microsoft claims that the new Copilot+ PCs are up to 58% faster than Apple's MacBook Air M3, thanks to the AI-boosting NPUs. This performance boost ensures smoother multitasking, faster data processing, and an overall more responsive computing experience.

Key Features of Copilot+ PCs :-

  • Local AI Editing: Enjoy advanced editing features in Adobe programs and other software, all powered by the NPU.

  • Live Caption Translations: Translate audio from over 40 languages into English captions in real time.

  • Windows Studio Effects: Improve video calls with features like portrait blur, voice focus, and creative filters.

  • Recall Feature: Access a timeline of your activities, allowing you to find and interact with previously viewed content quickly.

For a deeper technical dive into how the hardware has changed and core AI features, heres our first Copilot+ PC post.

Models Now Available

#1: Microsoft Surface Laptop Copilot+ PC

Microsoft Surface laptop 7

Summary of Microsoft Surface Laptop (Copilot+) Reviews

  • The Verge:  The Surface Laptop is praised as Microsoft's best MacBook Air competitor yet, with a sleek design, excellent keyboard, and impressive performance thanks to the new Intel chips.

  • PCWorld: PCWorld also applauds the Surface Laptop, highlighting it as a new era for Windows laptops due to its powerful performance, vibrant display, and long battery life. However, they note it lacks a Thunderbolt port.

  • ZDNET:  The reviewer found the Surface Laptop with Copilot to be superior to their MacBook Air in three ways: speed, multitasking capabilities, and the AI-powered features of Windows Copilot.

  • Android Authority:  While impressed with the AI capabilities of Windows Copilot, the reviewer expressed concern about its potential impact on privacy and data collection.

#2: Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro

Summary of Microsoft Surface Pro 11 Reviews:

  • TechRadar: While acknowledging its sleek design and improved performance with the new Arm-based chip, TechRadar criticizes the Surface Pro 11 for its high price and lack of significant upgrades compared to previous models.

  • Tom's Guide: This review is highly positive, calling the Surface Pro 11 the "best Surface in years" due to its snappy performance, excellent battery life, improved compatibility, and new AI-powered apps. However, it notes that some quirks from previous generations remain.

  • PC World: In their first impressions, PC World finds the Surface Pro 11 to be a promising AI tablet, but it feels that it could benefit from more PC-like features to truly excel as a 2-in-1 device.

  • Wired: Wired found the Surface Pro 11 to be a mixed bag, praising its performance and battery life but criticizing its high price and lack of significant upgrades. They also noted that the OLED display, while a first for the Surface Pro lineup, is not as impressive as the one on the iPad Pro.

#3: ASUS Vivobook S 15

Asus vivobook S 15

Summary of ASUS Vivobook S 15 Copilot+ PC Reviews:

  • Wired:  Praises the laptop for its promising battery life, sleek design, and vibrant OLED display. Expresses some concerns about the performance of the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor compared to Intel or AMD alternatives.

  • Expert Reviews:  The reviewer was thoroughly impressed with the Vivobook S 15, highlighting its exceptional battery life, gorgeous OLED display, and comfortable keyboard. They also found the performance to be good for everyday tasks.

  • Windows Central: This review focuses on the Snapdragon X Elite chip, finding it delivers excellent performance, making the laptop a joy to use. The reviewer also praises the display and battery life, while noting some personal preferences regarding the keyboard and trackpad.

  • UltrabookReview: This in-depth review praises the laptop's exceptional OLED display, long battery life, and good performance for everyday tasks and content creation. However, the reviewer notes that the Snapdragon processor may not be the best choice for demanding workloads or gaming.

#4: Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

Official Site :- Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

Samsung galaxy Book4 Edge

Summary of Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge Copilot+ PC Reviews:

  • Creative Bloq: The reviewer was extremely impressed with the Galaxy Book4 Edge, calling it "awesome" due to its stunning 3K AMOLED display, slim and lightweight design, and surprisingly good performance powered by the Snapdragon X Elite chip. They also appreciated the excellent battery life and comfortable keyboard.

  • Laptop Mag: This review focuses on the Galaxy Book4 Edge's performance, particularly how it compares to the MacBook Pro. The reviewer found that the Snapdragon X Elite chip held its own against the M2 Pro chip in the MacBook Pro in many tasks, even outperforming it in some areas. They also highlighted the laptop's excellent battery life and gorgeous display.

#5: HP OmniBook X 14

Official Site :- HP OminBook X 14

Hp Omnibook X 14

Summary of Hp OminBook X Copilot+ PC Reviews:

  • Tom's Guide (Hands-on): Impressed by the lightweight design, sturdy aluminium chassis, and vibrant 14-inch 2.2K touchscreen. The inclusion of a USB-A port for legacy devices is appreciated, and the reviewer is intrigued by the potential performance and efficiency of the Snapdragon X Elite chip.

  • Digital Trends: This review praises the Omnibook X's solid build quality and attractive price, making it a strong contender for a new Windows laptop. However, they note that the MacBook Air M3 remains a more efficient option. The review also finds the display to be decent, but not outstanding, and the keyboard to be a bit firm.

  • Engadget (Hands-on):  Focuses on the vintage branding of the OmniBook line, noting the mix of nostalgia and modern technology. The review also mentions the impressive thinness and lightness of the device.

  • TechRadar (Hands-on):  Commends the sleek and gorgeous design, as well as the lightweight and thin profile. The keyboard is highlighted for its wide, snappy keys. The reviewer is unable to fully assess performance or AI capabilities in a hands-on setting.

#6: Dell Inspiron 14 Plus

Official Site :- Dell Inspiron 14 Plus

Dell inspiron 14 Plus

No reviews yet.

#7: Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x

Official Site :- Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x

Lenovo Yoga slim 7x

Summary of lenovo yoga Slim 7x Copilot+ PC Reviews:

Laptop Mag: The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7X excels in performance benchmarks, surpassing its competitors. Its powerful hardware ensures smooth multitasking and high efficiency, making it ideal for demanding tasks and professional use.

Tom's Guide: Described as one of the most beautiful laptops, the Yoga Slim 7X impresses with its sleek design and high-quality build. Its aesthetic appeal is matched by its robust performance and advanced features.

TechRadar: The hands-on review highlights the Yoga Slim 7X’s successful integration of AI and hardware, promising an enhanced user experience. The AI features significantly improve productivity and functionality, making it a standout choice for modern users.

Where you stand today?

Microsoft Copilot+ PCs represent a new generation of devices designed to enhance productivity and user experience through AI-powered features. The first wave of models, from various manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, ASUS, and Samsung, has been met with positive reviews, highlighting their innovative designs, powerful performance, and impressive battery life.

Some key takeaways for potential buyers include:

  • Innovative Features: Copilot+ PCs offer unique features like dual screens and AI-powered assistance.

  • Performance: They generally deliver solid performance, capable of handling various tasks.

  • Display Quality: Many models boast impressive displays, from OLED to high-resolution options.

  • Battery Life: Battery life is generally good across the range.

  • Considerations: Factors like price, specific needs, and potential learning curves for new features should be considered.

  • AI Capabilities: Windows Copilot significantly enhances productivity and multitasking, though privacy concerns have been raised.

Specific models stand out in different areas:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 11: Powerful and portable 2-in-1, but expensive.

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop: Strong MacBook Air competitor with excellent performance and AI capabilities.

  • ASUS Vivobook S 15: Exceptional battery life and vibrant OLED display.

  • Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge: Powerful performance, stunning AMOLED display, and exceptional battery life.

  • HP OmniBook X: Sleek design, promising performance, and competitive price.

Overall, the Copilot+ PCs offer a promising glimpse into the future of AI-integrated personal computing. While each model has its own strengths and weaknesses, they all showcase the potential of AI to enhance productivity, creativity, and user experience. Potential buyers should carefully consider their specific needs and budget when choosing a model.

Remember not all the AI Copilot features are enabled yet. The " Recall" feature (flagged in our previous post) remains a huge privacy concern and Microsoft seems to be changing its implementation and we still expect this to change.

Ready to Upgrade?

At OCM Communications, we are excited to offer these groundbreaking Copilot+ PCs to our clients. If you're looking to enhance your business's IT capabilities with the latest AI technology, contact us today for a free consultation. Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the right Copilot+ PC to meet your specific needs and ensure a seamless upgrade process.

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